Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sunrise – Sunset

sunset in Whitefish, MT - June 28, 2007
I’ve seen some interesting sunrises and sunsets in this trip so far. On several of the mornings there has been a bit of an overcast blocking the actual sunrise, but you still get the idea.

My circadian rhythms are all screwed up with the time zone changes and the fact that we are experiencing 18-19 hours of sunlight. It must be like living in Alaska with the midnight sun!

I find myself still awaking with the East Coast even though that means 5:30 am – and by 10:00 pm, no matter where we have been, I find it easy to fall immediately asleep. My best plan is to simply try to figure out how many hours I have been in bed, and when I reach 7.5 hours, its time to get up. I think I might be a little sleep deprived. You betcha!

There was a particularly beautiful sunset to behold in Whitefish, MT. I was figuring this might be the place we would catch the final light of the day, so I was very concerned when I calculated that we were running about an hour and forty minutes late as we approached the Rockies. Fortunately, Whitefish is far enough west in the Mountain Time Zone that sunset was not until 9:05 pm. We caught it perfectly. Sorry, the quality of the photos are not the best.

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