Sunday, November 04, 2012

Photos for Elaine and Carmen

I'll leave these up for a week or so. These are photos of Elaine the birthday girl from September.

Click on the image for a larger "blowup" version of the photo. To retrieve on the iPad, simply hold your finger on the image to the "Save Image" icon/popup appears.

Bob and Grant

Bob K


Pat, Kathy, Barbara

other guests

More guests

The Bobs

More Bobs

Sue and Bob

Even more guests

And even more guests

Did I mention guests

Here she comes



More hugs

Elaine and Carmen

Elaine and Bob

Grant et al

Elaine working the room

More celebrations

A cake?

E blows out the candles


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Breezy at happier times

A small collection of photos from years past. Taken in the early 1970s this shows our old bungalow on B214 St.
Breezy 1

Breezy 2

Breezy 3

Breezy 4

Breezy 5

Breezy 6