Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy iTunes

Pix from itunes
I made a quick perusal of the "holiday" apps available in the Apple iTunes App Store today. Over the past few years I have downloaded a few of the free holiday apps to amuse my family on the holidays. My sister got a particular kick out of one that made my iPod sound like jingle bells when I shook it.

I am always interested in the free apps since most of the ones I have accumulated over the past few years remain unused on my various i-devices.

So what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a list of 50 apps listed under "holidays" with only eleven of which were free. Most of the free ones were pretty simple but one of them just seems so wrong. You be the judge - here's the description:

Welcome to Millionaire City, where you can become a powerhouse CEO and watch the money roll in all from the convenience of your iPad.

Build your monopoly from the ground up by creating luxurious houses, crowded commercial skyscrapers, gorgeous decorations and unique world wonders. Use Facebook Connect to start playing with ease. The more friends you have playing the more money you will get! Make smart investments, take risks, care for your properties, and watch your company grow!

  • Earn your riches as you build your company from the ground up as the CEO
  • Purchase property, build houses, and sign contracts to help your company grow
  • Complete missions to earn more and get hours of entertainment
  • Discover a wide range of luxurious items in the marketplace
  • Fun and easy iPad controls
  • Count your money as you listen to golden music

Here is the link if you absolutely need to have this app!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

Woke up to the sounds of plows and snow-blowers. Looks to be about a foot in Augusta. Ho, ho, gobble, gobble....