Friday, June 29, 2007

Editor's Note

My apologies that it has taken a week to get the blog entries of my trip uploaded. I have been journaling the trip in its entirety, but have not had access to the Internet until today - at my hotel in Portland, OR.

I have posted 14 entries so far which - in typical blog style - go in reverse chronological order. So if you want to follow the journey in the correct sequence, scroll down to the bottom of the the page and read the entries from bottom to top.

I am still editing the last few entries and hope to have them posted by tomorrow; and I will continue to the journaling throughout my visit here and the return passage.

I have posted a very few of my photos so far and added a few links here and there in the blogs. I will go back and update these in the next few days and will add more photos and perhaps a few videos to YouTube.

It has clearly been an adventure! Stay tuned!


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Anonymous said...

Hey there! I really enjoyed reading about your trip - reminded me of my travels on Amtrak over the years, to and from Gallup, Baltimore, DC, NYC, Boston. I love the leisureliness of it, the unexpected delays, the "window culture," dining car...gotta go to bed, one of my cats is stretched out next to me, biting my foot! Love, Sue