Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm Losing My Memory

Well not in the neurological sense, thank goodness.

The HP Pavilion is sick and apparently getting sicker. It started a few weeks ago with an unusual boot error - "...Cannot find the hard drive..." but it was still there and working. F2 and we boot fine. Hmmm.

The Maxtor people say it's the computer - probably the BIOS. HP says it's not covered by warranty and probably a IDE cable. The PC Doctor in town thinks it was "flaky memory." The HD test that Maxor gave me says the hard drive is fine - how convenient. None of the Windows diagnostics find anything wrong with the hardware or software.

I think it's gremlins.

This happened almost exactly a year ago. I know because I was trying to do my income tax return when the whole thing got up and died. That time it was clearly the hard drive - a Seagate no less - and a few dollars later I was back up and reloading the multiple gigs of programs and files. Fortunately I had purchased an external hard drive and had all the "mission critical" stuff saved. Except of course the tax stuff so I spent some time recreating all that. Ugh.

So it's tax time and here we go again.

Tax gremlins.

The memtest that the doctor gave me turned up one error after 8 test cycles and nearly two hours of looking. According to the documentation, there is no proof this means I have bad memory. Thank God the memtest people don't make cancer detecting equipment.

Today, we had FTP problems that I think were probably Verizon's problem, but I did start to get some hard drive errors and suggestions to run chkdsk, which is what I'm doing now while I blog on the laptop. And, I am also multitasking by doing the laundry.

Ain't technology great?


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