Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Suspicious Letter

So this e-mail (see image above) appears in my mail client this morning "LETTER FOR BRANDT."


In recent weeks I have reported in my other blog about a serious and under-reported security breech in Adobe Acrobat's Reader and Professional application. While there has reportedly been no actual viruses released this way, I have, as per the recommendations posted in the various articles I've read, turned off some of the features of both applications until Adobe gets around and comes up with a patch. I was able to update to Acrobat Reader this past weekend, but the patch for Acrobat Professional (v 8) was not out yet. See security info on Adobe site

The other thing the articles recommended was to be very cautious of unsolicited PDFs showing up in your mailbox.

So my "threat level" flag just went up and I ain't opening this critter. I re-scanned my computer with Norton and have deleted the e-mail and flushed it down the can (emptied the trash).

Beware the Ides of March? Or, a little green man (with a strange name) on St. Paddy's Day.


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