Sunday, March 08, 2009

Back to Brooklyn

A couple of dozen years ago one of my old campers wrote a song and made a video about going back to Brooklyn. It is an experience all ex-patriot-brooklynites have to do from time to time. Sorta like "returning the to scene of the crime."

The purpose this time was a college reunion which will be blogged separately. Here are the warm-up photos of the Old Hood - Clinton Hill. Enjoy.


We begin with some landmarks...
Grand Army Plaza, looking north from PPW and Carroll St.
The Giant Phalus of Brooklyn
This needs no explanation to any Brooklynite.
The Corner. There used to be mailboxes on this corner that we sat on to "discuss philopsophy."
My block.
My building...looks pretty ratty now, don't it

This was my dentist's office....he, The Butcher of Brooklyn has long since departed, but there is still a dentist in that location...a good one I'm sure.

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