Saturday, June 24, 2006

Omar Ricardo and His Many, Many Women

I just got back from Johnson Hall in beautiful downtown Gardiner where I witness the featured performance by the legendary, Cuban ex-patriot Omar Ricardo.

What a show!

How can one describe Omar Ricardo? With the phrasing of Sinatra, the sexiness of Tom Jones, the power of Bobby Darin, and the talent of Elvis, Ricardo is a force to be reckoned with. Awarded the American Freedom Medal by President Reagan in 1983, Omar Ricardo is the greatest Cuban exported talent since Ricky Ricardo (rumored to be distant cousin).

From the Johnson Hall’s website, you can read the citation from President Reagan:

"Omar, your long, sometimes painful journey here from the collapsing casinos of Havana and the clutches of Castro's Communism was the very salvation of sensational Las Vegas showmanship. Your example has inspired untold millions of washed-up has-beens, outmoded amateurs, and penniless social ciphers to follow you into the ranks of show-biz luminaries who make life so worthwhile…

"Fellow Americans, this little mother pulls more weight with your President than an entire twenty mule team. It is with pride and pleasure that I present you, Omar Sanchez y Sumadre Diaz de Ricardo with the American Freedom Medal. Thank you, Omar. You are a beacon in a dark world.”

I am blessed.

For those who could not be there, pictures and a video (Warning: 52 MB) are available on the website of the Gaslight Theater.


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