Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hurray for Bill

Bill Gates
The news this week that Microsoft (MS) co-founder Bill Gates was leaving MS to spend more time with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should not really come as a surprise – in spite of what the national news media thinks.

It was either a slow news day on Thursday when NBC Nightly News heralded the news as their lead story, or they have not been paying much attention.

The Gates Foundation is of course well known here in Maine for funding a number of projects associated with everything from public libraries, to Maine’s Promising Futures, to the George Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute (and Great Maine Schools project) to laptops in schools.

Despite Apple Computer’s foothold with the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI), Gates and his dollars have been extremely beneficial to the schools and citizens of Maine. I just wish the Apple Nuts would appreciate this as well.

So, good luck Bill and Melinda. And, thank you!



jeb said...

The word is that Warren Buffet just added $44 BILLION to Bill & Melissa's moolah making over $40 Billion to spend.

Probably the fasted $44 billion Billy ever made.


jeb said...

That should say "fastest" - something my proofreading skills are not