Thursday, May 04, 2006

Frustration Central

The saga continues with the website upgrade. I'm on my third system and still trying to get one to work. Not sure if is the fact that I am running on a Windows server and all of these systems are designed to work on LAMP. They all claim that they should work fine as long as I'm using PHP4 and MySQL4.

I've encounted headaches at every turn, and because this is mostly open source stuff, there is no customer service folks to call and get help.

Part of the purpose of this exercise, in addition to upgrading the server, was to learn, and in that regard, I have to admit that I'm learning a great deal about PHP and MySQL. Unfortunately, my basal knowledge base in this area is quite low so this makes asking for help rather difficult. I don't really know what to ask. And some of the answers are like reading Martian. If I ever figure this all out, I'll have to become a consultant.

There is also the distinct possibility that this is all related to the gremlins that have invaded my house in the past two months. The hard drive, wireless router, and cordless phones snafus are all related, I'm sure. The planets are out of alignment and there are excessive sunspots.

It can't be luck.


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