Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Blog 2013

Christmas tree
I am preparing to spend my 60th Christmas on this planet and hoping that you and yours are happy, healthy and content. I celebrated the BIG 60 by making an appointment with a local audiologist to have my hearing checked. Let’s just say that all that “aural abuse” from my past is starting to catch up with me. Not ready for hearing aids quite yet, but you’ll understand if I ask you to repeat yourself. Huh?

2013 was a year of ups and downs. I was one of the few who managed to successfully navigate It helped to be in the web design business as I knew a few tricks that allowed me to get through the site relatively unscathed. Oh, and my health insurance costs should be half of what I am paying now. Thank you, President Obama and the American taxpayers!

The other good news was a certain baseball team in Boston managed to go from last place last year to winning the World Series this year. They were no doubt aided in this by my continuous wearing of my Red Sox cap. Sorry, Mets fans.

But we had two significant losses this year. In August, we learned Uncle Dick Astles had made his final voyage and was now sailing with the angels. At a wonderful memorial a few weeks later I was able to re-connect with family as we had a grand time toasting the Good Captain. Making Uncle Dick laugh was one of my favorite activities. He will be missed.

A few weeks ago we lost Kathy Cogger who died from complications following an automobile accident. Kathy was the principal of the Jackson Elementary School in NH when I first met her in 1979. She, our close friend Bob Kautz, and I became a threesome on numerous adventures to Maritime Canada, including a memorable jaunt to Newfoundland. Kathy was also part of our regular golf threesome, known famously for hitting the ball short and straight while Bob and I spent our time searching for errant shots in the woods. Her funeral Mass in North Conway was filled with many a familiar face, all be they a bit more wrinkled now.

These sad events were balanced by glorious news that my first cousin, once-removed, Will and his lovely wife, Christine are expecting twins in February. God has an interesting way of providing symmetry.

I close by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year. May you and yours be filled with the Spirit of the Season!

Ho Ho


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