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Old TV Shows

A friend circulated an e-mail chain letter asking people to add their name and the name of their favorite TV show from their youth. Kinda of an interesting list actually. While I was doing the laundry today I decided to use IMDB to find out info about the ones on the list. I know, this definitely qualifies as something done by "somebody who has too much time on his hands."

What can I say... other than I am not responsible for spelling...

OWEN--.The Rifleman

Martha--Dinah Shore Show

Billy--.Six Million Dollar Man

Kay--Friday night fights!! (Sorry not a TV series per se, no record found)


Carol--Streets of San Francisco

Cheryl--St. Elsewhere

Lisa--Here Comes the Brides

Sheila--China Beach

Twyla--I Remember Mama Note: there was a movie of this same name - 1949 TV show was called "Mama"

Ruth--.The Red Skelton Show

Chriss-- Lassie - aka - "Timmy and Lassie," "Jeff's Collie"


Barb--That Girl

Barb--The Walton's

Beth--Burns and Allen aka - "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show"

Lynda-- What's My Line Note: multiple versions - first 1950

Marg--The Lone Ranger

Lynn -- The Ed Sullivan Show aka "The Toast of the Town"

Betty -- You Are There (1953)

Deborah -- Marcus Welby,M.D.

Becky -- WKRP in Cincinnati

Beth -- The Flying Nun

Kristy -- Welcome Back Kotter

Thaise -- The Facts of Life

Tam -- HR Pufnstuf Note: Not to be confused with H.R. Pufnstuff which is a new movie

Jill -- Emergency aka "Emergency One"

Valerie-- Wonder Woman

Debbie-- Knots Landing

Lynn --Soap

Bonnie -- 30 Something aka "Thirtysomething"

Toney -- Surf Side Six

Carolyn -- Name that Tune Note multiple versions - first 1953

Gena -- Dallas

Doris -- Falcon Crest

Michelle -- Romper Room aka "Romper Room and Friends" - Mulitple versions, first 1953

Kathy -- Ray Rayner Note: wow, rare, could you mean "Ray Rayner and His Friends?"

Candy -- Benji FAIL: not a TV show

Dana -- Laugh In aka "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"

Ann -- I Dream of Jeanie - This was a movie, the TV show was "I Dream of Jeannie"

Lisa -- Sanford and Son

Jill --Brisco County Jr. - Wow, Jill, you must be a kid still! This show from 1993

Lois -- Bewitched

Gayle -- M.A.S.H.

Juanita -- Flipper Note: multiple versions and movies

Donna -- Rin Tin Tin aka "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin"

Janet D -- Fury Note: mulitple movies of the same name

Chris -- Howdy Doody Note: also a predecesor - "Puppet Playhouse" plus multiple sequels: It's Howdy Doody Time (1987) (TV); The New Howdy Doody Show" (1976) (TV series); Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat (1954)

Carl -- Bat Masterson

Gloria -- The Addams Family Note: multiple versions and movies of the same name - first 1964

Rich -- Hill Street Blues

Fannie -- Cagney and Lacey Note: multiple sequels

Katie -- The Jeffersons

Cathy R -- The Andy Griffith Show Note: multiple sequels plus reunions

Kim F -- The Monsters ( did you mean The Munsters?) - a British TV show from 1962

Yvonne -- The Carol Burnette Show Note: multiple versions - first 1967

Michele -- The Lawrence Welk Show (wanerful, wanerful!)

Sharon -- The Rookies

Angela -- The Courtship of Eddie's Father Note: Based on a movie and also sequels

Julie P -- MOD Squad Note: sequel and movies - first 1964

Michelle C -- Get Christy Love (I never heard of this before)

Gaynell D -- Leave It To Beaver

Norman -- Amos & Andy

Sherry -- Little House on the Prairie

Barbara -- Wagon Train

Madeline -- Perry Mason

Patsy -- The Golden Girls

Gina -- The Brady Bunch

Fay -- Nash Bridges - another babe!

Alice -- .Charlie's Angels

Donna -- The Wonderful World of Disney aka "Disneyland"

Bonnie -- The Sonny and Cher Show . (Note: I didn't know Steve Martin was the writer, did you?)

Victor -- Maude

Valerie -- 77 Sunset Strip Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!

Phyllis -- American Bandstand aka "Bandstand"

Stephanie -- Fantasy Island De Plane, de plane!

Beth -- The Midnight Special (Another one I had never heard of)

Jude -- Queen For A Day Many sequels - first 1951

Sylvia -- Zorro Many sequels, many movies, - first TV 1957

Denise -- Miami Vice

Richard -- The Cisco Kid several sequels - first 1950

John -- The Man from UNCLE

TY -- The Untouchables several sequels and movies - first 1959

Henry -- Star Trek several sequels and movies - first 1966

Vera -- Mickey Mouse Club several sequels - first 1955

Linda -- The Monkeys - presume you mean "The Monkees"

Dawn -- Family Affair - one sequel and multiple movies of the same name - first TV 1966

Kip -- Car 54 Where Are You?

George -- Maverick

Michael -- Sugarfoot

Thomas L -- Captain Video - there were two "Captain Video and His Video Rangers" (1949) and "Captain Video and His Cartoon Rangers" (1956)

MaryAnn -- Ozzie and Harriet aka "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" (1952)

Sue -- 90210 again there were at least two series "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) and "90210" (2008), in any case you are also a babe.

Mary -- Father Knows Best

Jill -- Gidget

Rhonda -- McCloud

Tammy -- Twilight Zone

Judy -- ZOOM - first 1972, many sequels


Leigh -- Ultra Man could you mean Ultraman (Japanese) 1972?

Sandi -- My Three Sons

Jason -- All in the Family

Randi -- Dark Shadows

Tanya -- Dawson's Creek

Ahlai -- Good Times

Theresa -- Mr. ED first 1961

Dana -- The Partridge Family

Millie -- Password first 1961

Zenna -- Mary Tyler Moore

Bob -- Superman aka "Adventures of Superman" (1952)

Floyd -- Kukla Fran and Ollie

Sherry -- Laverne and Shirley

Janet -- Studio One aka "Westinghouse Studio One"

Wendy-- I love Lucy

Lee-- Flash Gorden many sequels and movies

Delores-- Night Gallery

Tonja-- PettiCoat Junction

Shari -- The Dean Martin Show

Marjory-- MAGNUM PI

Jackie -- The Cosby’s - do you mean "The Cosby Show" (1984)?

Stef ---.Full House

Julia -- Boy Meets World

Kate -- Pee Wee Herman aka Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)

Brittni -- Fraggle Rock!

Kara -- 7th Heaven

Katherine -- Saved by the Bell

Brianne -- Pound Puppies

Emily -- Sesame Street (Dah!)

JOSH-- the fall guy

Clark -- Combat

Wayne -- Adam 12

Elouise -- Gilligan’s Island



Ted -- Lost in Space

Diana P -- Green Acres

Sherri J -- Beverly Hillbillies

Gail -- Fury!

Betty Lu -- McMillan & Wife (Rock Hudson)

Sharron -- Mannix

Lori -- Quantum Leap

Mary-- Sky King (my favorite: "From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King" )

Barbara -- Dick Van Dyke Show

Val -- Silver Spoons

Fran -- Three’s Company

Sann-- Land of the Lost Note: mulitple sequels - first 1974

Cordero -- Mork & Mindy - "naanu naanu!"

Renetta -- What's Happening..

Corrine -- Hawaii 50 - - - Aloha (actually Hawaii Five-O)

Janelle -- The LOVE boat!

Mary -- Get Smart

Matilda -- Hart to Hart

Leslie -- Webster

Regina -- Mr. Belvedere

Prexie --The Lorretta Young Show aka "The New Loretta Young Show" (1962) (Note there was an earlier show (1953) called "Letter to Loretta"

Hilda -- The Dating Game multiple sequels - first 1965

Susan S -- My Little Margie

John (Me)-- Fireball XL-5 (only cause the good ones were all taken

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