Saturday, April 04, 2009

Portland Maine - Let's Celebrate!

I just read a story in the Friday Portland Press Herald that I would have thought should have been the headlines. " ranks Portland Maine the most livable in the U.S."

While I would not dispute the "livable" aspect of this - I was a bit surprised by the acknowledgment that the Portland "metropolitan area" is over 500,000 people; 513,102 to be exact. That seemed like a bit much. In fact, I found it hard to believe that almost half of the entire state's population lives in the Portland "metro."

As you have heard me rant in other blogs, having grown up in "the greatest city in the world" I find all references to Maine having a "metro" anything a big laugh.

But indeed, according to the US Census Bureau there are that many people in the Maine counties of Cumberland, York and Sagadahoc. In fact, Sagadahoc only accounts for a mere 36,000 of the total. Southern Maine is getting to be a big place.

Even though I have never lived in the City of Portland, I guess the years that I lived in York county makes me at least a former "metro" resident. Sanford, where I lived for about ten years, I am sure did nothing to add to the credit of this honor.

In any case, Portland, Maine clearly deserves the honor and should get more than a small article on page three of the PPH. C'mon guys!

According to the article on
, Portland beat out Bethesda, Md., and Des Moines, Iowa., Bridgeport/Stamford, Conn., and Tulsa, Okla. Of these, I have only been to Bridgeport/Stamford and I can attest we are much better than there. Sorry.

So, let's strike up the band, get out the confetti and have a party. At this dismal time of the year, in this dismal economic climate, we need something to celebrate.

WooHoo Portland Metro!


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