Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jersey Drivers

Ford Taurus
If you grew up in New York City, you heard the expression - usually spoken with disparaging adjectives - "Jersey driver." Everyone in New York always assumed the people residing on the other side of the Hudson River were among the worst drivers on the planet.
Now there is proof.

According to an article in yesterday's Portland Press Herald (PPH), a "nationwide survey" by auto insurer GMAC reveals Jersey drivers scored dead last in their knowledge of driving rules.

"Doesn't surprise me at all," said Ken Elias of Edgewater, N.J., who was driving
to Acadia National Park on Friday. "There are a number of really rude drivers in
Jersey. But, hey, it's great to be first in something."
Here in Maine, the disdain for bad drivers is directed towards people from Massachusetts. Indeed in my nearly 30 years in Maine, I have to agree that the folks from Mass are pretty bad, but clearly, in my mind, not as bad as those from The Garden State. According to the survey, Massachusetts drivers came in fourth from the bottom, one step ahead from New York drivers.

According to this same survey, Mainers scored 31st among the state - somewhere around half. So, if asked, I will tell you I am a (great) Maine driver and deny the fact that I learned to drive in New York.
Drive carefully!

PS: I just took the test and scored 95% (one wrong). Take that New Jersey!

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