Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where Ya Been?

I've been sick. I've had the crud for over three weeks and I sick of being sick. This has been the cold from hell. It started on the January 13th with a hacking cough that felt like my lungs were going to turn inside-out. By Monday I was in bed with a fever. But the killer part of this bug is that it comes and goes. By the following Saturday, I was just starting to feel better and on Sunday, I was back in bed with a 101 degree fever.

A trip to the doctors, antibiotic prescription, bad reaction to the meds, and another week of hacking and sneezing and I was feeling better only to have another relapse. And then another.

Others who have apparently had this same bug this winter are reporting the same results.

My advice - don't get it. Put on a surgical mask and don't go near anyone who is sick.

I turn 55 this week. I hope I make it.


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