Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

A couple of months ago I discovered that the television signal I was receiving at my house had about a 5-6 second delay. This was determined one day when I was on the phone with a friend in southern Maine and he was watching the same TV program that I was and he was seeing it before I was. We speculated that it was probably because Augusta was "just a little behind the rest of the world" and laughed it off. But the effect became rather noticeable last night when Dick Clark "rocked in the New Year" about six seconds later than the time on my atomic clock. You see I am one of those loonies that has four atomic clocks in the house and I even set my watch to it. As someone who is perpetually late, you would think I'd have no interest in the exact time, but precision has always fascinated me.

In between my fussing about the the time, I have been having fun observing the extreme weather we have been experiencing here in Maine this early winter. December may have broken some records in the amount of snow received and the temperatures have been well below average. I've posted some photos here and on Flickr of latest snowstorm. This was the largest so far with just under a foot of fresh powder recorded. And the fun part is that another foot it forecast for tonight into tomorrow. Despite the vast open expanses of this great state, we Mainers are actually running out of places to put all this white stuff. So, if you want some, c'mon up and help yourself.

Anyway, I celebrated the new year from the comfort of my recliner in my living room, warm and relaxed. I hope you all have been as fortunate and have a bountiful, peaceful and happy new year.


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