Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Queen

This week I picked up the video release of Academy Award winner "The Queen", but I haven't yet had a chance to view it.
I love Helen Mirren and am very much looking forward to the film which not surprisingly, never did appear in any of our Augusta cinemas, despite nine screens.

I'm not sure I could say I "love" Queen Elizabeth. I frankly find her a rather sad individual, cool, perhaps "uptight." But my impressions were warmed when I saw this video clip on the MSNBC site. It's about a 4.5 year old British lad who launched a balloon in hopes of finding a pen pan. You'll have to view the video to hear "the rest of the story!"
UPDATE: 6/2/07
"The Queen" is masterful...Mirren is fabulous, as is the rest of the cast. Run out and see it today if you have not seen it. You will want to see it before all the whoop-la starts in August surrounding the 10th anniversary of "that week."


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