Friday, February 16, 2007

Microsoft Firefox

So, I'm the one most of my relatives and friends contact when it comes to on-line hoaxes and spoofs.
It wasn't always that way. I earned this reputation as "Hoaxbuster" by regularly refuting the endless number of silly e-mails friends and relatives would send me that, to me, were so obviously phony. I've trained two relatives, a sister and an aunt, to at least check with Legend before passing on this dribble.

So, I had a particularly good laugh when one of my edu-geek blog-friends found themselves victim of a website called Microsoft Firefox. Maybe it's that cynical New Yorker in me, but I immediately saw the pun intended. The edu-geek apparently did not and has a rather lengthy blog describing her victimization.

The outrage that she expresses is funny, but the numbers of comments from readers trying to carefully explain the joke is even funnier.

Sorry, I know I should be more sensitive. But watch the video for the "product" it is hilarious.


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